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Keeping Your Dog’s Bark Under Control

Why Do Dogs Bark? In any neighborhood around the world, sooner or later a barking dog will be heard. Dogs communicate primarily through barking, and...

Airplane Travel Tips For Your Dog

Pre-Flight Precautions The hazards of air travel are usually not in the actual flying, but rather during the down time when your pet is being...

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Persian Cat History, Health And Care

About the Persian Cat The Persian, also known as the Persian Longhair, is an elegant, graceful, gentle breed whose most distinguishing characteristics are its remarkable...

Black Russian Terrier Dog History, Health And Care

Introduction Of Black Russian Terrier Dog The Black Russian Terrier, also known as the Black Terrier, the Chornyi, the Tchiorny Terrier, the Russian Bear Schnauzer,...

Bloodhound Dog History, Health And Care

Introduction Of Bloodhound Dog The Bloodhound, also known as the Chien de Saint-Hubert and the St. Hubert Hound, is the oldest and largest breed of...

Anatolian Shepherd Dog History, Health And Care

Introduction Anatolian Shepherd Dog The Anatolian Shepherd Dog, also known as the Anatolian Karabash Dog, the Anatolische Herdershond, the Coban Köpegi, the Kangal Dog, the...

British Shorthair Cat History, Health And Care

About British Shorthairs The British Shorthair, also called the English Cat or simply the “Brit,” is the national cat of the British Isles. This is...

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