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A farrier’s supplies are essential to their job and without the proper tools it would be hard to care for horse hooves. If you are a horse owner or rider you may have some of the items in this kit among your horse supplies, but here is an overview of what they are and how farriers use them for basic horse hoof care.

Hoof Knife
This is arguably the most important element of the farrier’s supplies. This tool is used to clean out any kind of build-up or debris in the sole and frog areas of the hoof. Hoof knives come in a variety of shapes in order to reach every nook and cranny. The most popular are an oval and curved knife to suitably clean any build-up that may occur.

The knife cuts away excess sole and dead frog to allow the healthy tissue to breathe. This ensures the horse can walk and run comfortably without being hindered by untrimmed hooves.

Hoof Nipper

These act the same way a pair of nail clippers would, only on a much larger scale. They are used to trim the hoof wall and cut off any part of the sole or hoof that has been damaged to reduce the need for additional rasping. They can also be used to trim the majority of the frog on the hoof.

Shoe Puller
This tool looks similar to the hoof nipper, only larger. It is the main tool for pulling horse shoes when it is time for them to be removed and replaced. Once the farrier nails have been taken out with the help of a clinching block the shoe is removed.

This is a multi-functional tool amongst the farrier’s supplies. It is basically a very large nail file used to level out hooves once they have been trimmed with the hoof knife. It is perfect for filing down a hoof that slightly overhangs the shoe.

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